About Blueage – 블루에이지(BLUEAGE)

Introducing technologies of the future

상상하는 대로 이루어지는 컨버전스의 세상!

Do what makes your heart beat!

Create shared value
Givers gain
Work like play
Become a change agent


Convergence of Space, Culture, and Design

Today, the boundaries between content and platform, marketing and technology, online and offline, have been blurred and the distinction between virtual and reality has disappeared. Contents converge as platforms interconnect and boundaries between online and offline worlds dissolve. From traditional media to cutting-edge technology, platforms evolve and merge into third-party platforms.

That’s why our imagination has no limits. We have the power to approach things differently, share information, and create new value by turning our imagination into reality. Blueage emerges freely, connecting diverse platforms to create a business structure and to make imagination a reality through storytelling and magical contents. Our vision is to realize a world of convergence where Blueage is the change agent.

Our Mission

Create a happy culture, spread warmth and generosity, and make great changes.
Do what excites you. That is your purpose and reason for being in this world. You need to realize that living such a life is actually possible.

Our Value

Blueage, where convergence happens as you imagine!
Our imagination knows no bounds and is not limited by what is realistic. Therefore, we have the power to approach things differently, share information, gain new values, and turn our imagination into reality. With the vision of Blueage, which emerges freely, we have the power to change the world. This is the Blue of Blueage

Our Business

We are a creative support company leading the culture and knowledge industry.
Blueage is divided into several business sectors, including content planning, brand building, communication, integrated design, entertainment, and AI. These areas collaborate and communicate in the same space, reducing unnecessary costs and time, creating synergy, and serving as a distribution hub that connects people and businesses.

Our Philosophy

Blueage was founded to provide inspiration, fun, efficient, and successful marketing to the basic elements of our lives, work and love. We strive to offer new solutions that combine emotions and intellect, culture and business to individuals, organizations, and companies.