Tools used at work – 블루에이지(BLUEAGE)

We prioritize efficiency and innovation!

Blueage strives to overcome the barriers of space and time and blur the boundaries between reality and virtuality in order to achieve efficient work. To this end, we utilize the following programs and platforms for business collaboration and information sharing. Please refer to them accordingly.

Blueage utilizes various programs and platforms to enable efficient and innovative work, including Microsoft 365, the most widely used suite of programs and services for international business; Figma, a web-based UI/UX design and prototyping collaboration tool; and Gather, a meta-universe-based virtual office and video conferencing platform. For accurate and misunderstandings-free service, Blueage does not use phone calls or voice messages. Instead, we utilize collaboration tools such as email and Notion to share the status of all aspects of our work. Thank you for your understanding.